7 Reasons to Buy Father of Spirits

The positive feedback has been overwhelming and I’m so excited to begin sending out this book within the next few days.

Here is the link if you haven’t gotten a copy yet.


REASONS¬†TO BUY FATHER OF SPIRITS (As if you needed one ūüôā )

  • The next generation will develop it’s world view from TV, media and fiction. Staying out of this industry will be disastrous.
  • The concept of Religion is becoming more distasteful. This book showcases the relentless, passionate love of God. He is looking for relationship.¬†
  • Many still do not know God’s original purpose for the earth.¬†
  • Many unsaved¬†millenials do not feel the Bible is still relevant. The Bible is the underlying basis for Father of Spirits. It will always be relevant. It is God’s word.
  • Social media has become a major avenue for young Americans to spread the Gospel. This works in our favor.¬†
  • The¬†fantasy and magical¬†folklore genres are still as powerful and enticing. e.g. Harry Potter
  • Father of Spirits is relevant because it explains the origins of our world and the ongoing battle between the forces of good and evil. This goes beyond a fun read to an anointed resource that will get people reaching for Jesus.

Father of Spirits may be “fiction” but it is based on a true story. We know how the story ends and that we WIN ultimately. This book will be a great evangelical tool for encouraging believers and reaching¬†the unsaved.



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