About rotimi

Rotimi Kehinde is a budding author with a knack for writing riveting stories using captivating imagery. His first book, The Valley of Dead Dreams, continues to empower people in different countries to pursue their God-given dreams. He has so far been building a name for himself in the Christian Fantasy genre. Rotimi is the founder and chief executive officer of GodKulture, an organization that builds creative platforms to engage and empower individuals, organizations and businesses through an integration of creative expression and art.

He has worked on hundreds of visual design projects and over forty book design and development projects for clients over four years through his creative agency. His first book, The Valley of Dead Dreams, continues to be in high demand. An ardent Frank Perreti and Ted Dekker fan, Rotimi delves into areas of the Christian faith that most would dare not venture into. He has been called a creative storyteller and a global thinker with a heart for this generation.

He hosts a monthly creative workshop called Advance and mentors many creators and innovators in the city of Chicago on their purpose-fulfillment journeys. Rotimi also convenes an annual conference called FireStorm that attracts hundreds of attendees every year. He is also a leader at ReNew Phila, a church in Andersonville, Illinois.

Rotimi and his wife currently live in Chicago, USA.





(CBN NEWS) Archaeologists: Ancient Writings Confirm Noah's Ark

Archaeologists say writings on an ancient tablet confirm there was a global flood and an ark that carried animals. In 2014, a 4,000-year-old clay tablet was discovered in modern-day Iraq -- which is ancient Mesopotamia. When it was deciphered it revealed striking similarities to the biblical account of Noah. The tablet describes a massive flood that destroys the earth and instructions that animals should be loaded onto the craft "two by two." Read More...