About the book

Everything was peaceful in heaven, the city of God, until one angel began a grave mission to take the throne of God and rule for all eternity. The stage is set for the biggest showdown in the history of the entire universe. Set before the creation of the earth and mankind, God’s divine agenda is challenged by the rebelling angels with epic repercussions.

Father of Spirits takes you back in history to the beginning before the beginning, to a world of beauty and majesty, lights and dazzling myriads of color. Experience expanses of astounding heavenly cities and step into the darker realms of the deep. Discover a world of angels who serve God in splendor and wealth and see the birth of humanity.

With stunning imagery, the conflict of ages is presented with a focus on detail and truth. See the birth of the universe, the galaxies and the supernatural and natural worlds. Step into a war that has shaped human history and an explosive ongoing battle between good and evil that will shake everything you have ever believed in.



(CBN NEWS) Archaeologists: Ancient Writings Confirm Noah's Ark

Archaeologists say writings on an ancient tablet confirm there was a global flood and an ark that carried animals. In 2014, a 4,000-year-old clay tablet was discovered in modern-day Iraq -- which is ancient Mesopotamia. When it was deciphered it revealed striking similarities to the biblical account of Noah. The tablet describes a massive flood that destroys the earth and instructions that animals should be loaded onto the craft "two by two." Read More...