Father of Spirits reads like an epic. With a pace that draws you in, and vivid imagery of worlds only imagined; true history, theology, and inspiration are woven together to reveal God’s pulsating love and motivation behind creation and history. While staying true to Biblical revelation, it goes further  to tell the age-old story of the world’s origin in a contemporary and creative way that even non-bible readers of all ages can enjoy and appreciate.

– G. Lan Ijiwola, Ph.D
Lead Pastor,The CityLight Church Intl., Chicago, USA

Rotimi is a creative genius in the arena of music and GodKulture is a testimony to this fact. When I first received the first sample chapter of his book, I was immediately aware that music was not his limited domain.

In this book, Rotimi has weaved his passion for God and for God’s word into a tapestry injected with creative imagination to produce a work of art. Father of Spirits is a tapestry that reflects a unique style of writing embedded in scripture but brought to life with Godly inspiration and a unique style of story telling. The book makes you want to read it; it not only beckons you to journey with it but also pulls on the strings of your heart to validate what you read in scripture.

Each chapter holds mysterious revelation uniquely revealed as Rotimi creates and shapes his audience’s view of unique Bible events. A job well done and a novel I hope one day makes it to the big screen. Happy reading! Let your imagination be fed!

– Sola Osinoiki
Elder, Kerith Community Church, Bracknell , UK

Father of Spirits is one of the books that you read and leaves an indelible impact… The message is precise and the storyline keeps you at the edge of your seat!!

– Olaperi Ojajunu
Editor, Canada

In the years that I have known Rotimi, his creativity marks him out as being unique in his generation. It is apt for this hyper creative man to set his mind to write about creation at source. Rotimi’s “factionalization” of the unknown and clear presentation of the known introduces the reader to a new experience in Christian writing. Rotimi’s pen has brought to light the God of Creation and the host of heavens plus the inhabitants  of the earth and has shown the interconnectedness of impact and the forces that touches aeons.

– Dr. Oluwasayo Ajiboye
President, Redeemers Bible College and Seminary, Greenville, USA

I stand in awe of Father of Spirits: The Book of Origins. This book offers a vision of what every person attempts to imagine about the origin of the universe. The brilliant imagery will excite you and compelling thoughts will challenge you, making this a must-read.

– Daniel Amarei
Lead Pastor, Renew Ministries, Skokie, USA

FATHER OF SPIRITS by Rotimi Kehinde is a legendary story of an ancient harmonious dance between God and His children until the enemy introduces cacophony. The intruder thinks he is winning but what he doesn’t know is that the Father will not give up on His children no matter what. His love is irrevocable. It is absolute and permanent. Through the grace of God, Rotimi is able to demystify seemingly complex historical truths using contemporary languages and settings. FATHER OF SPIRITS is a must read for everyone, especially those who are tired of empty religion.

– Sam Ore
Senior Pastor, Kingdom Ambassadors Christian Center, Largo, USA
Amazon #6 bestselling Author, PURPOSE REDEFINED: Leveraging Your Core Intelligence For Global Impact.



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